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FAQ - The Anti Bride Wedding Photographer

The Anti Bride is a Wedding Photographer, Floral Design and Make Up artist based in Jacksonville, Florida.


Q. Why the anti bride?

A. Just like us, our clients are rule breakers, rebellious and against the grain. Repeatedly, our clients were requesting “anti” tradition and wanted things tailored to their specific style and to simply represent them. The word “anti” is not against weddings but more so a mindset in which we can celebrate love our way.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We live in Jacksonville, Florida however our capabilities allow us to create wherever you desire.

Q. Can you do photography, floral design, planning and make up all at once?

A. Absolutely! In fact, we feel our best work is done when we touch all three facets of our strengths.

Q. How do you do photography, floral design and Make up all at once?

A. Most Floral work is created the day before the event which allows us to focus on install, Make Up and photography during the day. We have a dedicated team on hand should we need additional help executing your special day to perfection.

Q. What is your availability?

A. Good Question! Send us a note and we will let you know. You can Contact Us here.

Q. Do you only do weddings?

A. Oh No! We love to create and are open to any sort of idea you may have! Our creative juices are always flowing and love working with like minded individuals.

Do you rent decorative items?

Vases, candles and accessories are definitely an important element to the overall look of your event. We’re thrilled to announce that we now offer rentals including brass candlesticks, taper candles, glass vases, bud vases, ceremony arches, table numbers and more! (rental credit included when booking a planning package.)

Q. Do you have any budget requirements?

A. We do our best to work with all budgets provided they don’t hinder the creative. We like to be honest and upfront in our approach and our clients are as well.

Q. Do you offer airbrush make up?

A. Yes! We have a Temptu airbrush machine.