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Why We Offer "Month of Management" vs "Day Of" for Weddings + Events

OK - this blog post was prompted by a recent Instagram “Ask Us Anything” - we get pretty regular inquiries for “day of coordinators” and that’s exactly what our “Month of Management” planning package if meant for. So the question is “what’s the difference” - to be honest - there' isn’t much of a difference, other than we feel like everyone wins when we have more time to wrap up the details.

*** EDIT - this is a long format, BUT lots of good info… don’t give up…keep reading

What does Month of Management Include? When do we meet to chat details?
Month of Management includes:

A Venue Walkthrough - This is typically done about one month prior to event - this allows us to be onsite with the venue, chat through their typical flow / any restrictions they may have. This also allows us to reconfirm the contract details including event start time, what’s included (like tables, chairs linens), service times (what time dinner starts, what time is last call) - which really helps us develop an accurate day of timeline. Showing face prior to the actual event also ensures that the venue’s staff has a face to match a name day of too so they aren’t approaching the bride(s) / groom(s) during the actual wedding.

Regular consultations throughout our time planning together and coordination / communication as needed with your vendors. This includes calls, texts, emails + as many coffee / cocktail dates needed in the month leading up to your wedding.

Ceremony Rehearsal - Exactly what it sounds like! You are guaranteed a ceremony rehearsal should the venue allow. This is typically done the day / night prior to the event but it’s included regardless of when it needs to take place.

Day of Timeline & Itinerary - A very detailed timeline of what you want to happen, when you want it to happen. This is really fun to create and collaborate on. This is where we get to show off our organization (aka OCD tendencies) - so expect a detailed timeline with everything down to the minute. Do things always get done at the exact minute listed on your timeline? Definitely not - BUT having a timeline that has your desired “order of events” or “flow” lets all your other vendors know how you want things to happen. Your planner will use this timeline to ensure everything you want to happen, happens. And we will be there to check in with all your vendors throughout - which means your photographer will capture the shots, the DJ or band will make announcements, dad won’t be in the bathroom when your father / daughter dance begins. Yep - every detail matters.

Vendor Coordination - A go-to document with all vendor contacts and setup / breakdown times. Helpful for planners, great for your sanity too ;) This document will have everyone’s contacts on one page, so if your baker has a question about flowers on the cake - they can reach out to your florist directly. This is also helpful for all the instagram tagging to be done POST-wedding.

Decor / design setup & Breakdown - We set it all up and we break it all down. We even have a packing guideline to make sure everything gets returned to the right place.

Design Details - yet another document we collaborate on to make sure everything has a place and that your Pinterest-board dreams come true. Here’s a peek at what that looks like below:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 2.19.26 PM.png

Day of Coordination - Anti Bride Planner, from start to finish - getting sh*t done the way we’re supposed to. Planner will use timeline to ensure all checklist items are completed on schedule throughout the eventNot quite. While this is commonly referred to as “day-of,” a better description is “coordination for the day of the wedding.” It starts with a comprehensive consultation with the bride at least three to four weeks prior to the wedding. From there we assemble a detailed timeline for the wedding day and work to ensure that everything comes together just as the bride envisioned it. As well, some wedding venues have a requirement that a couple hire a planner or at minimum, a coordinator for the day of the wedding.

What do day-of planning services generally cost?
Someone recently told me their venue said they could hire a day-of coordinator for $500… Day of Services can range from $1,000 to $2,600 depending on the region, the planner’s experience and the specifics of the wedding. If you literally need someone to just come day of and setup, I suppose you could probably find that at a lower rate - but all the work that happens prior to the day of is a big part of what you’re paying for. (PS: Our rates start at $1,500 but are customizable)

What does your schedule typically look like on the day of?
LOL - Well they’re always so different… BUT. My days start early - weddings are like Christmas morning for me.

#1 - text your bride / groom - I once had someone say my early morning text set the mood for the day because they knew all the planning we had been doing was IN MOTION. Yep - that text means it’s all happening.

IF I have early access to the venue - that’s my first spot. DREAM scenario is access to the venue as early as possible. I do as much setup as possible before my vendors arrive - this gives me breathing room to check on my couple, steam linens if the venue didn’t - etc. I also always have extra print outs of our day of timeline on hand - as well as screenshots incase vendors would prefer to have it digital. I also maybe make timeline for the day the background of my phone. Having it at a quick glance is * chef’s kiss *

Thank you for coming to me TED Talk. But really, that was a long one and if you made it to the bottom - I’m so proud of you. If you’re trying to decide if you need a wedding planner - I hope this helps to understand just how much love and time goes into making it f*cking perfect. Click + feel free to shoot us an email to get a sample day of timeline ;)

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