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The Anti bride is a Wedding photographer, Floral Design and Make Up Artist based is Jacksonville Florida. Available nationwide.

Brittney + Mike at Audrey's Farmhouse.

Earlier this month we were fortunate enough to travel up to the Hudson Valley to create Brittney and Mike’s beautiful wedding at Audrey’s Farmhouse. Located in Wallkill, NY, the farmhouse was originally built in 1740 and although tastefully updated, it’s original details such as the hand hewn beams are still featured throughout the home. I first met Brittany in 2016 when she was working as a wedding planner for a wedding I was doing in Jacksonville. It was great getting to know her and loved that we had similar tastes, style and even shared similarities in ways a wedding should be. We spent 2 years chatting about her wedding! Hundreds of text messages back and forth about this one day in which she had envisioned for Mike and herself. As you would expect, a wedding planners wedding was planned to perfection. She really is brilliant at what she does and the level of details were so perfect! . She booked the venue pre-construction based on a gut feeling that this place was going to be special. She just had that much faith it would be everything she dreamed of, and it most definitely was. Her face as she pulled up to the venue for the first time was emotionally beautiful and priceless. I did all the floral design outside in sunny 63 degree weather in the middle of the country. I worked from morning till night on flower arrangements while my son hung out and played outdoors. Shaan hiked through the mountain side collecting branches for one of the most amazing arbors we have ever done. It was perfect. Brittany and Mike are such beautiful souls and my entire family enjoyed spending time with them. Mike spent half of his wedding day morning playing with my son! It always amazes me how I always seem to attract the most like minded people to work with. Then again, I should remind myself we attract what we put out there. I’m so grateful for the people I meet through what I do and so many of them become like family. As I go deeper into my metaphysical side I’m finding out they actually are something called soul family and it’s no wonder. Brittany and Mike feel much more like family to me.