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The Anti bride is a Wedding photographer, Floral Design and Make Up Artist based is Jacksonville Florida. Available nationwide.

The Color Guide by Putnam & Putnam


Being a Floral Designer, talking flowers and floral design can sometimes become a problem with potential clients. People often request flowers that are not in season or sometimes just not suitable for the environment. Working with fragile florals that prefer cooler temperatures in Bridal Bouquets for a wedding in Jacksonville, Florida can be a real challenge as the high humidity and heat can really shorten their shelf life. Thankfully, Putnam & Putnam have just released the extremely valuable resource which I’m already finding highly useful. It’s become handy in talking to new clients with high quality visuals to help in floral selection but also a great way for me to make sure I’m selecting the appropriate florals for their wedding. If you are a floral designer or just simply into flowers, I highly recommend Putnam & Putnam's Flower Color Guide.