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The Anti Bride Wedding Photographer

The Anti Bride is a wedding photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Jeanne Batten

Creative Director

Jeanne graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with a focus in photography and illustration. Her passion for fashion, art and design provide her with the ability to capture special moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Jeanne provides clients with stunning, life-affirming photographs that capture moments with sheer beauty while simultaneously showcasing the real emotion that transpires at weddings + other special events and celebrations.Through her personal and commercial work, Jeanne’s eye captures the unspoken bonds of friends and lovers, every smirk captured at the precise moment of full impact, every eyebrow raised to it’s ultimate height. Her candid, documentary style of imagery makes the technical precision of her compositions and lighting even more remarkable. Jeanne captures the world, not truly as it is, but as we hope to remember it.

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Brittney McColgan

Marketing + Event Manager

Brittney graduated from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, with a double major in Journalism and Psychology which throughout life has translated to a marketing, branding and public relations focus. Her holistic style of marketing has been through hosting community style events detailed to perfection - so the crossover into well-planned and thoughtful weddings was natural over the last seven years. She's familiar with wedding markets around the country and loves to travel to pull of special events, but has primarily worked in the Boston, NYC, Denver and throughout all of Florida. After a decade of living in big cities, she's thrilled to bring her passion for meaningful and beautiful events back to Jacksonville full-time and work alongside Jeanne at The Anti Bride.

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Jessica Gay

Floral + Event Assistant

Jessica graduated from Florida State College with an Interior Design Technology degree and is a natural curator of beauty and style. Over the years, Jess has been a right hand (wo)man for Jeanne, assisting with florals and makeup - and is now taking on events of her own alongside Britt and Jeanne. This means we have more availability to take on more events and spread the anti bride love.