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Some photographers show you life as it is, in all it’s gritty, unvarnished glory. Others create ethereal images: resolutely free of flaws and often free of fun. Then, there are artists like Jeanne Ciasullo, whose stunning, life-affirming works occupy a very specific niche: our world, recognizable in it’s flaws, but captured in moments of sheer beauty. Through her personal and commercial work, Jeanne’s eye captures the unspoken bonds of friends and lovers, every smirk captured at the precise moment of full impact, every eyebrow raised to it’s ultimate height. Her candid, documentary style of imagery makes the technical precision of her compositions and lighting even more remarkable. Jeanne captures the world, not truely as it is, but as we hope to remember it. 

Jeanne graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with a focus in photography and illustration. Her passion for fashion, art and design provide her with the ability to capture your special moment that will be looked upon and cherished for a lifetime.